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Don’t Give Up Meat for the Planet. Grass-Fed Beef Is the Better Answer to Climate Change

On my family’s small, organic farm at home in Vancouver Island, we have a peaceful ecosystem: Our sheep graze peacefully…

Upgrading Our Collective Consciousness – Matthew Modine #620

Raising the collective consciousness so that we can upgrade ourselves, our workplaces, our communities, and our planet.

5 Reasons to Avoid Farm-Raised Salmon – and Why Wild Salmon Is Better

Salmon has sealed its superfood status with its sky-high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, so picking up a few filets…

What Is GMO and Are GMO Foods Safe?

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms that contain artificially altered genetic material that would not otherwise occur in nature. While…



While most people assume we will peak when we are young, my new book, SUPER HUMAN: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever, reveals there is another way. It is possible to make changes on the sub-cellular level to transform how you look and feel now, get healthier and disease-proofed with every decade, and dramatically extend your lifespan. Said differently, I wrote this book to help you have better sex, develop super brain power, avoid disease and live until 180.

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