Video: The Bulletproof Executive speaks at the Stanford School of Medicine Quantified Self Meetup

Video: The Bulletproof Executive speaks at the Stanford School of Medicine Quantified Self Meetup

Last week I had the pleasure of giving two talks at the Silicon Valley Quantified Self Meet-Up (QS) at the Stanford School of Medicine.  I recorded my talks for those of you that couldn’t make it.

One of the primary tools in being  Bulletproof  is the ability to self-experiment and quantify changes so you can see what works for you.  Self-experimentation is key to fine-tuning your performance, optimizing your nutrition and sharpening your mind.  How you feel is important, and so is what you are able to measure.   When what you are doing is on the cutting edge of current research it helps to not only feel good, but measure positive changes.

Quantifying & Biohacking at the Quantified Self meet-up:

Additionally, the QS organizers Lisa Betts-LaCroix & Karen Herzog, asked  a woman to give a talk on her self-experiment and success using the Bulletproof diet, where 8 years of working with physicians had failed.  Unless your doctor is Bulletproof, your doctor generally cannot support you in all types of optimizations. I’ll post her excellent talk soon!

As a way of giving back to the people who are learning new things and focused on self-improvement, I’m sponsoring the Silicon Valley Quantified Self meetings for the year.  The Bulletproof Executive is honored to be the first annual sponsor of the SVQS meet up.

What experiments are you running this week?



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